Happy Birthday Austria

My blog rule is that I never write about the daily events, I postpone to publish my feelings and words, to be sure about them. But today I will make an exception and tell you, my friends, about the feelings of this special day for Austria and Austrian people – Austrian National Day – 26 october 2010.

What I saw today? A mix of different people (austrians and tourists, politicians and army commanders), a mix of different decorations (old statues and new tanks, army helicopters and military camouflage cars), a mix of temperatures (very cold outside, very hot in the soal of the people) and a mix of feelings even from me, which I still cannot understand exactly the Austrian mentality and their way of being. But they all were today very happy to be in the center of Vienna and to celebrate all together, this special day, they were very proud of being so close to their president, very proud of their army and with a lot of respect for their army mission: to protect their land and people, to offer help in case of special situations and to be there – neutral but not passive – part of the European Union forces.

What I liked today? I like that they were not stressed even that a lot of important people were there. It didn’t look like a lot of security and special protection conditions. Actually all the military looked very happy and unstressed. They announced even that after finishing the ceremony, anybody can go to any military to ask questions about their life and missions. Amaising, isn’t it? I liked the way of executing all the organising staff. They did their jobs whithout fearing about press, cameras, people or anything else. Very calm and very organized, making all the things with care for details, but not mechanical. I liked that the military offered to people small nationals flags, but I liked most that when I child from the front line lost his flag down on the ground, one military took off his glove and take the flag to give it back to the boy. No words, only a smile and a help. Lovely… I liked the Austrian Parlament opened today for public and the combination between the old statues and decoration of the parlament huge building and the modern and tehnological updates made inside it.

What I felt today? Except the cold outside, I felt the proud of the 1159 recrutes which swore that they will take care of their country and people (see minute 34 of the film from the link below). I felt the wise of austrian leaders which decided in 1955 to remain neutral and to focus on growing the living standard of their people. I felt surprise when I heard two military persons saying a poetry about love for their country and finishing with a pray. And I was very gratefull to be there and to be part of their joy.
link: Happy Birthday Austria!


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